“Be Healthy” is a balneological, wellness spa - where health care, unwinding and pleasant time off are possible in one place. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, guests have the opportunity to be treated to unique, thermal-radon mineral water baths under the supervision of professional doctors, to use the latest physiotherapy equipment, to consult a qualified doctor and to undergo a vast variety of relaxation, cosmetology and spa procedures. Treatment program is selected individually, for every guest of the center depending on the condition. In addition treatments are added to the process for greater effectiveness, such as horizontal underwater spine stretching, charcoal, circular and ascending showers, underwater massage, mud healing applications, and various physiotherapy procedures.

Be Healthy - Balneological Resort & Spa

One of the main directions apart from balneology which is offered by “Be Healthy” is Cosmetology. Now we all know, that cosmetology is one of the most popular healthcare directions and it is essential to take good care of yourself while indulging in all the relaxation, which wellness Spa center kindly presents, this is why, “Be Healthy” has vast variety of cosmetology treatments that will keep your skin, hair and nails in perfect shape.

From Deep facial cleaning, to pilling, plasma lifting, bio revitalization, you name it we provide. We can confidently say that "Be Healthy" combines many years of scientific medical experience and treatment in the world with the latest methods in the field of balneotherapy.